Nathalie Helfer Kuan is an intuitive, visionary artist and lightworker. Born in Miami with Peruvian & Chinese descent. Currently living in Brooklyn.

She is a Reiki Master with over 8 years of experience. Nathalie has dedicated most of her life to self-healing and spiritual growth in hopes that she can hold space for others as they go through their own healing process. She is the founder of NativAzul - A brand created to help others through channeled artistic expressions, talismanic jewelry and energy healing. With multiple Clair gifts, she has helped numerous clients receive the information needed to help them move forward in their lives. Her mission is to uplift her community, transmute the earthly plane to one of a higher vibration and inspire others to learn from their journey. As a student of life, she has learned through her own cycles of transformation and continues to embrace all experiences as lessons. Her work focuses on transpersonal healing, energy cleansing, cord clearing, chakra balance, uncovering blockages and healing emotional wounds stemmed from trauma that may inhibit one from living their best life.

She has experience in psychedelics & plant medicine. Often embarking on self guided journeys for personal & spiritual development. Her interests include angel connection, divination, communication with the deceased, astral traveling, lucid dreaming, healing magic, meditation & Reiki.

Nathalie is currently working on an undergrad degree in Psychology & Addiction Counseling, envisioning a path as a Transpersonal Psychologist.

Earth and sky, wind and trees, rivers and fields, the mountains and the sea. All are excellent schoolmasters and teach some of us more than we could ever learn from books.
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