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January 27th, 2018 • Saturday • 7:00pm - 8:30pm • Thank you too all those who attended!

Awaken the Inner Voice • MINKA Brooklyn 1120 Washington Ave. 3 FL • $25-$45

Most creation stories and science tell us that existence began with a word, a bang - a vibration that came from a void, a nothingness, a non-existence. The Hawai’ians, the Picuris tribe of America’s southwest region, the trinity of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and Vedic texts all agree that existence exists and we exist because of sound. The practices of singing and chanting allow us to speak directly to, with, and from the cosmic sound current – the original origin of the primal light.

Sound is carried on the all-pervading life force: Prana. And so, we’ll begin our exploration with the densest form of Prana: Breath. Together we’ll learn to open the chest and lungs, and empower the navel and pelvic floor to merge it with the spinning energies of the heart and throat chakras. We will explore the ancient, yet ageless practice of Chanting the Medicine Wheel to cultivate a deep and harmonious peace with our Earth that delivers us – carried in the current of prana – to the true original light of the soul. 

Crystals will be arranged in the Four Directions to help channel our energies and align us with the highest good. To complete our journey, we will enter a profoundly restful space and receive a sound bath with Transformative Energy Healing by Nathalie of NativAzul and Sat Sukh.

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February 24th, 2018 • Saturday • 6:30pm - 8:00pm • Location tba

Open Heart Reiki Circle w/ Animal Totem: Humming Bird • Led by Nathalie & Jenny

Open Heart Reiki Circle offers a space for healing, silence and spiritual growth. This month we will embody the Spirit of the Humming Bird. Channeling the energies of the smallest of all birds to amplify our love and awaken our joy for living. This divine creature shares lessons of how to view the past and let go gracefully. Inspiring us to move forward in 2018 by constantly seeking the sweetness of life that is all around us. With joy in our hearts, we are excited to begin our monthly Reiki gatherings. A place to explore your inner sanctuary through guided meditation, sound healing and Reiki.

Join us for an evening of energy medicine and sound journeying facilitated by Reiki Masters: Nathalie of NativAzul and Jenny

Refreshments will be included after and a crystal gift to those who come and join. RSVP at 786-752-0042 • Only 15 spots available

If you are a Reiki Practitioner and would like to offer your light, please email: