Energy Healing


Crystal Reiki Energy Healing combines crystal therapy which is the ancient healing technology of using crystals, gemstones and minerals around the physical body to generate natural healing energy and the classic healing art of Reiki. The energy transmitted from the crystal harmonizes with the energy centers of the body to stimulate the natural healing process allowing the body to release imbalances. Crystal consciousness absorbs, amplifies, transmutes and balances energies in the body to support optimum wellness. Every crystal has its own unique vibrational resonance. They owe their unique qualities to their mineral content, inherent composition of sacred geometry and color frequency they emit.

Reiki Therapy supports your natural healing process to reduce stress and improve your quality of life. Each session brings forth empowering spiritual intuitive information. As a holistic therapy, Reiki works on the body, mind and spirit by stimulating your own natural healing abilities. Reiki is also the highest and most profound vibration of life force energy that helps bring chakra balance. 

Outbound Prices:

1 hr session $75  •  30 minutes $45   •  15 minutes $25

Each session is catered to your needs and includes:

• Usui Reiki • Crystal Therapy • 1 Oracle Card Reading • Crystal prescriptions • Sound Healing     • Aromatherapy (optional) 

Distant Reiki Healing and Animal Reiki is also available, please contact for more information. 

Nathalie is a certified Reiki Master who has been seeing patients for over 6 years. Her intuitive approach to her sessions involve the classic Usui Reiki modalities, shamanic healing methods and working with crystal allies. Many clients have experienced seeing colors, symbols, animals, past loved ones, angels and out of body experiences which offer them the clarity deep down they are seeking. Reiki sessions assist chakra balance, release karmic ties, auric cleansing, post surgery and assists in easy transition.