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Reiki / Intuitive Energy Healing


Nathalie is a certified Reiki Master who has been seeing patients for over 7 years. As a Reiki Facilitator she blends classic Usui modalities with intuitive methods. The energy work that is channeled focuses on uncovering blockages & emotional wounds by using auric cleansing techniques, psychic visualization & cord clearing. It is very transformative and can be quite life affirming especially for those who are confused about their role in life and those who suffer from stress/anxiety/depression. Energy healing sessions assist in letting go of karmic ties, dissemble energetic patterns and stubborn habits that disable one from living their truest & highest potential.

All sessions are altered and uniquely attuned to assist each individuals needs.

Each session brings forth empowering information and the clarity that is needed to begin transforming your life. As a holistic therapy, energy healing assists the body, mind and spirit by stimulating your own natural healing abilities, reduce stress and promote chakra balance. This method awakens the higher self and has been known to help create the necessary shifts for your personal & spiritual development.

In a typical energy healing session we will use tools like crystal therapy which is the ancient healing technology of using crystals around the physical body to generate natural healing energy. The energy transmitted from the crystal harmonizes with the energy centers of the body to release imbalances. Crystal consciousness absorbs, amplifies, transmutes and balances energies in the body to support optimum wellness. Every crystal has its own unique vibrational resonance. They owe their unique qualities to their mineral content, inherent composition of sacred geometry and color frequency.

All sessions are done in a hands off technique.


1 hr session $118  •  30 minutes $90

Each session is catered to your needs and includes:

Usui Reiki • Intuitive Energy Healing • Psychic Visualization • Crystal Therapy • 1 Oracle Card Reading

Sound Healing • Aromatherapy • Crystal Prescriptions • Soul Coaching

Distant Energy Healing, Pre/Post Operation, Animal Reiki & Transitional Reiki is available.

Sliding scale prices are also available.

Please contact for more information.



Certified Usui Reiki I & II by Lorraine Meyer •

Certified Usui Reiki III by Jed Shlackman •

AA Psychology - Miami Dade College

BA Psychology & Addiction Counseling - Aspen University


Yelo Spa • Reiki Facilitator • 2017-Present •

Past Energy Healing + Crystal Workshops:

Yelo Spa • Minka Brooklyn • Medicine for the Soul Yoga • The Spring Meditation Center

Card Readings

I remember when I first got into Oracle Card Readings I felt this innate comfort very much different than Tarot. They are definitely less intimidating and more gentle. Being an Aquarius with Mars in Gemini, I've always loved variety and dancing to the beat of my own drummer. Tarot carries too many rules for me to follow so it's no wonder I'm drawn to working with the elusive ways of Oracle Cards!  

If you are drawn to working with them too and resonate with a softer approach to divination, feel free to connect and book an appointment with me. 

• Angel Oracle Card Readings* assist in:

Career and Finding Soul Purpose - Life Changes - Spiritual Growth - Grieving Clarity - Family Reading - Past, Present & Future - Current Obstacles / Problems in Life - Love / Romantic Relationships - Full Moon Clarity - New Moon Clarity

• Cartomancy Readings* assist in:

Confusion in a romantic relationship - If a decision is to be made in relationship - Releasing doubt - Suspect unfaithfulness - Need clarity in the relationship

This is the oldest style of card reading. The only spread I work with on this deck is focused on romantic relationships. Most often used for new relationships, problematic relationships or relationships that are becoming on & off

* Include a crystal recommendation based on reading results and 10% off on custom crystal jewelry


$7 One Card Reading - $14 Three Card Reading - $25 Custom Reading - $36 Annual Card Spread

All readings are done via phone and email.

To book an appointment, email