Amazonite PiStone necklace

Amazonite PiStone necklace


Stone: Amazonite

Keywords: Communication, Truth, Confidence

Chakras: Root, Heart, Higher Heart & Throat

Materials: Recycled Leather, WireWrapped gold plated

Description: Amazonite soothes a and calms the nervous system. It is known best for its self-expressing attributes. Allows one to communicate with confidence and speak ones emotional truths. Soothes trauma and alleviates worry & fear. This stone also heals the heart and opens the heart for universal love.

Pi Stones (round stones) symbolize continuity and a perfect state of balance.

Necklaces are 16¨ inches long

All Gemstone Jewelry is Reiki infused and made with intention. Cleansed with Palo Santo and Selenite. Made with love in Brooklyn, NY. 

Measures standard size 7¨inches. For custom sizes please leave note at checkout.

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