Amethyst intention bracelet

Amethyst intention bracelet


Crystals: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Lava Rock

A calm friend for the soul. Amethyst can give you the protection to let go of harmful habits or psychic attacks. Promotes spiritual growth, divine connection and psychic enhancement. Clear Quartz can be a helping hand in all matters and conditions. Lava Rock solves problems and lends a dose of courage. As a stone of recreation and change, Lava Rock can also assist during times of transition with a boost of vitality. These three look to heal and bring about strength at its core while aiding mental clarity and grounding oneself. With Amethyst warding off all that is negative, Lava will bring rebirth. Both Amethyst & Clear Quartz act as a spiritual light of guidance.

Carries Sterling Silver beads. Lava Rocks can also be infused with essential oils for aromatherapy. All gems are cleansed properly & include a travel pouch with properties card.

7” Standard Size / For custom sizes please leave a note

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