Chakra Balance crystal bundle (small)

Chakra Balance crystal bundle (small)


We have 7 major energetic centres called Chakras in which our energy flows through. Often when our emotions are out of balance, these centres become blocked which can manifest as illness, aches or pains in the body, so it's important to know which centres are which and how we can balance them.

While laying down, place each crystal to the according chakra and lay in meditation to absorb crystal energies. You may program each crystal as you lay them on by saying “I program this crystal to help me balance my Root Chakra.”. During the layout process, you can visualize the colors of each center radiating from your body.

In this Chakra Balance crystal bundle you will receive 7 small crystals:

Crown Chakra: Clear Quartz

Brow Chakra (Third Eye): Amethyst

Throat Chakra: Amazonite

Heart Chakra: Rose Quartz

Solar Plexus: Tigers Eye

Sacral Chakra: Carnelian Agate

Root Chakra: Poppy Jasper

All crystals are intuitively hand picked and Reiki infused. Cleansed with Palo Santo before being sent. Carefully shipped in good packaging to ensure safe travels. 

Measurements vary from .50 to 1 inches

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