Intention Bracelets

Intention Bracelets


These bracelets are made to enhance ones intentions and energetically amplify the two focus beads of your choice. 

Clear Quartz magnifies thoughts and intentions. It is used as a master healer for it's ability to be programmable. Assists in clarity, divine protection and chakra balance.

Focus beads to choose from:

Amethyst (purple)- Spiritual growth. Divine connection. Purification. Release of addictions. 

Lapis Lazuli (blue)- Communication. Self-Expression. Truth.

Rose Quartz (soft pink)- Love. Relationships. Emotional healing. Stress relief.

Golden Tigers Eye (dark yellow)- Courage. Will power. Balance. Ambition.

Carnelian (orange)- Vitality. Confidence. Passion. Action.  

Poppy Jasper (dark red)- Grounding. Rejuvenation. Stability. Creative Inspiration.

Onyx (black)- Defends against negativity. Increases stamina. Inner-Strength.





Focus Beads:
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