Custom Gemstone Bracelet

Custom Gemstone Bracelet


All custom gemstone jewelry is made to help bring balance in ones current journey. Whatever it is you may need clarity and alignment on, crystals inspire and bring that energy in. Crystals have the ability to receive, transmit and amplify energy so when we work with our crystals closely, their assistance can create support and comfort as we grow and go through periods of transition. Custom Gemstone Bracelets are intuitively designed, include a Vermeil Gold Charm of your choice and a travel pouch.

Visit the CRYSTALS 101 page for details on how to work with your gemstone bracelet once received.

All gems are Reiki infused and made with intention. Cleansed with Palo Santo and Selenite. Made with love in Brooklyn, NY. 

::: To ensure we have your crystals in stock, please only order a Custom Gemstone Bracelet after you have done a Crystal Consultation with Nathalie. Free Consultations email :::

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