Back to Balance bracelet

Back to Balance bracelet


Crystals: Clear Quartz, Hematite, Rudrakshas

A mix to help bring dreams into manifestation, create clarity and grounding. A combination to bring you back in motion after a time of retreat, healing and inner work. Clear Quartz amplifies your thoughts and emotions. Can be used in programmability and keep your chakras in alignment. Hematite pushes your desires to fruition. Highly protective, empowering and very centering. Beaded with Rudraksha Seeds from the Himalayas which are known to carry protective qualities. They are highly revered as the tears of Shiva and are said to connect the wearer seeker directly to the source of existence and to pure consciousness.

Carries Sterling Silver charm. All gems are cleansed properly & include a travel pouch with properties card.

7” Standard Size / For custom sizes please leave a note

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