Ride the Wave bracelet

Ride the Wave bracelet


Crystals: Matte Glass, Sodalite, Aventurine

An invitiation to luck and a calling to your angels. Meditate with these stones to feel a golden spec in your heart vibrate higher, connecting you to a psychic inner knowing and a balanced heart. In the modern world things can get very hectic but these stones have restorative forces to take you away from panic around you. A therapeutic blend to help with de-stressing, boost in vitality and awake creative forces. Aventurine acts as the bringer of prosperity. Not only in wealth but feeling prosperous with a healthy heart. Sodalite enhances positive behavior, creativity and self acceptance. For the dreamers, Sodalite crystal properties offer the gift of creative thinking and expanded spiritual awareness by stimulating the throat chakra, the energy center of communication and a translator for the soul. This channel also supports your deepest dreams and helps make them a reality.

Carries Sterling Silver charm. All gems are cleansed properly & include a travel pouch with properties card.

7” Standard Size / For custom sizes please leave a note

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