Emotional Healing 108 mala necklace

Emotional Healing 108 mala necklace


A 108 beaded mala with Rhodonite, Carnelian & Sodalite for healing of the heart while keeping motivated for the future with positive envisioning. The Emotional Healing mala helps with heart chakra balance and to instill confidence and self worth in the wearer.

Rhodonite inspires within the heart. When stirring feelings are causing waves of turmoil in your spiritual body, tame the emotional seas with rhodonite's love, grounding and insight. Discover new passions, attract a more fulfilling kind of love and boost humanitarian efforts with the help of this crystal for calm connectedness. With the energies of Carnelian to empower, inspire creativity, motivate and promote confidence. Working with Sodalite to bring in third eye vision, self esteem & self worth.

Beaded with Rudraksha Seeds from the Himalayas which are known to carry protective qualities. They are highly revered as the tears of Shiva and are said to connect the wearer seeker directly to the source of existence and to pure consciousness.

All gems are cleansed properly & include a travel pouch with properties card.

Length: 18” inches

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