Faden Quartz & Feldspar

Faden Quartz & Feldspar


Stone: Faden Quartz & Feldspar

Shape: Tabular 

Origin: Pakistan

Keywords: Transmits Energy, Programmability, Amplification & Heightens Meditation 

Chakras: All

Dimensions: L 3.5” x W 3” x H 0.5” 

Description: Balance your chakras and tune into the light energies of this divine crystal. Carrying the energies of an original Clear Quartz, this beauty can be used for programmability and amplification. Amplifying not only ones thoughts and intentions, but the energies of surrounding crystals as well. Faden Quartz has a milky white thread line running down and are peculiarly flat which makes them a unique specimen unlike most Quartz crystals. The flat wide sides of this crystal is known as Tabular. This shape allows energy to flow freely and removes confusion. Assists in astral traveling between more than one plane or lifetime.  Meditating with these high vibration stones can open communication with higher realms. 


All crystals are intuitively hand picked and Reiki infused. Cleansed with Palo Santo before being sent. Carefully shipped in good packaging to ensure safe travels. 

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