Soulful Bohemian 108 mala necklace

Soulful Bohemian 108 mala necklace


Crystals: Grey Agate, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, Kyanite, African Turquoise & Moss Agate

During times of growth and expansion, one goes through the process of releasing certain things/people whom they no longer resonate with and this piece is a great assistant who teaches you patience and reminds you its okay to grow. Working with Moss Agate that is actually crystalize moss is a crystal that is not only balancing but it lends supportive energies during transitions. Reconnects you to the earth and heart space. Red Jasper is highly nurturing, brings strength resist emotional domination by others and provide solid grounding. Holds powerful energies of endurance and has been used to strengthen the mind. African Turquoise is stone of spiritual expansion, wholeness and building new friendships. Teaches peaceful communication and healing of the heart. I placed Kyanite to allow you to listen to that inner knowing, your intuitive powers and help stimulate psychic growth. Clear Quartz helps amplify your thoughts and intentions. Used to magnify surrounding stones. Lends mental clarity, eliminates energy blockages and aligns all chakras. Highly programmable. Grey Agate is soothing and balancing.

All gems are cleansed properly & include a travel pouch with properties card.

The guru bead has Buddha in meditation reminding you to go within daily and become your own spiritual teacher. It is made with crushed Tibetan Turquoise. 

Length: 19” inches

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