Moss Gemstone Bracelet

Moss Gemstone Bracelet


Main Stone: Moss Agate

Additional Stones: Hematite


Chakras: Heart, Root

Charm: Vermeil Gold, Hamsa Hand for protection

Description: Amongst tall leafy giants, surrounded by plants and at the core of Mother Earth is where you’ll find yourself when meditating with Moss Agate. A stone of the earth, carrying crystalized moss within. A gardeners stone. This crystal teaches you about growth and patience. Opens your heart to welcome love in. Grounds you back to the roots and connects you with nature. Hematite helps ground your energies and amplify manifestation. A protective stone that prevents energy leakage.

All Gemstone Jewelry is Reiki infused and made with intention. Cleansed with Palo Santo and Selenite. Made with love in Brooklyn, NY. 

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