A Healers Companion necklace

A Healers Companion necklace


A healers companion, this necklace helps enhance ones third eye vision and intuition while embracing compassionate love.

Holds the visionary, protective & spiritual grounding energies of Iolite, Kyanite, Amethyst , Smokey Quartz & Hematite. Mixed with Rose Quartz to bring in more heart-to-heart soulful connections, self love & inner calm. Placed an Angel Aura Quartz as the middle center piece to call onto Angels & Spirit Guides. This is a crystal known for its light and joyful vibrations.

Made with Sterling Silver Clasps & Non Tarnish Silver Plated Wire. Size: 16.5” inches.

All gems are cleansed properly & include a travel pouch with properties card.

For custom sizes, please email!

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