Red Jasper intention bracelet

Red Jasper intention bracelet


Crystals: Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Lava Rock

This bracelet is deep with a radiating force carrying the energies of Clear Quartz as a god/goddess of minerals that can aid in anything you’d like to. It is known to amplify the energy of other crystals and work with all chakras. Lava Rock as the stone of recreation and change, helps assist during times of transition with a boost of vitality. Red Jasper can aid with releasing guilt and shame. As a stone of empowerment it can also help ground the wearer, putting you near your heart to balance and stay confident enough to find safety and prayer.

Carries Sterling Silver beads. Lava Rocks can also be infused with essential oils for aromatherapy. All gems are cleansed properly & include a travel pouch with properties card.

7” Standard Size / For custom sizes please leave a note

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