Ruby in Zoisite

Ruby in Zoisite


Stone: Ruby in Zoisite 

Shape: Polished & Raw

Origin: India

Keywords: Awakening of the True Self, Healing, Zest for Life

Chakras: Third Eye, Heart & Root Chakra

Dimensions: L 3.75” x W 1.5” x H 0.75”

Description: Dive into this cosmic green sea of rubies and feel the earth energies of Zoisite merge with the passionate vibrations of Ruby. Together this crystal combination creates a sense of wellbeing. Enhances psychic abilities and transmutes negative energy into positive energy. For those with emotional trauma, hold this piece up to your heart and breathe in the healing vibrations to help you open up once more. Allow yourself to release that pain and sorrow that no longer serves you.


All crystals are intuitively hand picked and Reiki infused. Cleansed with Palo Santo before being sent. Carefully shipped in good packaging to ensure safe travels. 

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