Black Jasper PiStone necklace

Black Jasper PiStone necklace


Stone: Black Jasper

Keywords: Grounding, Nurturing, Stability, Vitality

Chakras: Root

Materials: Recycled Leather, WireWrapped gold plated

Description: Black Jasper holds strong grounding energies making you feel centered even during times of change. It is an excellent aid in bringing practicality into your life. Absorbs negativity and helps you connect with higher vibrations. 

Pi Stones (round stones) symbolize continuity and a perfect state of balance.

Necklaces are 16¨ inches long

All Gemstone Jewelry is Reiki infused and made with intention. Cleansed with Palo Santo and Selenite. Made with love in Brooklyn, NY. 

Measures standard size 7¨inches. For custom sizes please leave note at checkout.

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