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All pieces are channeled and divinely inspired. I allow the stones to flow freely into their own rhythm of design, consciously beading each one with love and dedication. Custom jewelry is catered to the clients needs and energized with intention. All jewelry is cleansed with Sage and protected with Selenite. Each include a travel pouch and properties card. 


Crystals carry and remember energy. They are used for chakra balance, lend spiritual support, serve as high vibration home/altar decor and serve as great meditation tools. 

Card readings are one of many forms of divination. You may want your cards read if you wish to attain clarity in a particular area of your life. This can be personal, career & relationship questions. It can help in decision making but they will not offer a yes or no answer. Card readings say more than that, they help provide insight into a situation and explore possibilities. Worldwide readings are available!

Blending in Usui Reiki modalites with intuitive energy work, I combine various healing methods that have been proven to be very effective. I have seen my patients receive the clarity they were seeking by connecting to their higher self. Powerful transformations can be felt in the 1st session.  


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